Initial support for Expenses

When we first meet a Hugs of Hope family, our goal is to provide emotional, social, spiritual and educational support as this journey is arduous and unexpected.  Families find themselves thrown into a very scary world where life-threatening and life-saving decisions are made quickly.  We provide support from experience, for families entering this journey for the first time or returning to this world.

When we greet a family for the first time, our goal is to begin with a Hug.  Our stuffed animals, usually teddy bears, are given to every fighter to be a symbol of Hope.  These HUGS can go anywhere with the child, we affectionately refer to as Kiddo, including surgical suites and MRI/CT scan machines, often where parents have to say goodbye for a little while to their Kiddo.  In addition, we provide a totebag/duffle that is filled with items we have learned can be beneficial along the way.  Often times we are called to the hospital directly from an appointment or scan, and it is easy to forget the essentials like extra socks, inkpens, and even quarters for the vending machines.

In addition, we know the burden of a diagnosis catches many families financially unprepared.  Typically many days are lost at work, and often times a parent must leave their job, finding many one income down and struggling.  We attempt to fill the gap slightly with emergency funds to offset the lost wages for a few days.

Follow the link to our initial emergency funds request.

Travel Reimbursement

Travel Reimbursement forms can be completed by registered Hugs of Hope families on Active Treatment or those in Remission who must travel to their child’s treatment center/doctor for care related to their cancer treatment. Travel Form link found here.

Families traveling for care can request reimbursement for the following: lodging, fuel/mileage, and meals.  Requests can be submitted anytime, but will only be filled once a month per family. Effective January 1, 2019, our travel allowable will be as follows:

Lodging will change to max $95/night and only if the local RMH is not available for your stay. This is based on the 2019 US GOVT per diem lodging allowance.  We will cover the entire RMH fee for the duration of your stay as we receive the bills directly from the RMH and you will not be out of pocket for these charges.  If you choose to lodge elsewhere and the RMH is available, we will only reimburse you the charged amount from the local RMH.  (For example, in Jacksonville, the charge is $30/night, so we would only cover $30 toward your lodging expense if you choose a hotel for personal reasons).

Certain limitations apply: if lodging is available for your family at the Ronald McDonald House at the time of your overnight stay, we will not be able to reimburse for hotel lodging (this is the closest and most affordable option for your family, and we have arrangements already made). If other lodging needs to be utilized and the RMH is available, we will only reimburse for the amount they would charge. If lodging is needed and the RMH is not available due to a full house or illness, we will reimburse up to $95/night.

For fuel we will reimburse up to 20 gallons of fuel, which should cover a round trip to and from the hospital or clinic location.  Fuel receipts must be submitted for consideration. Max reimbursement will be $60 per trip.

For meals we can reimburse for the child’s meals, and parents’ meals during the course of treatment to a maximum of $40/day.

We are unable to reimburse any funds without receipts provided showing the date of service, location, and method of payment used.  We cannot reimburse if the method of payment was a gift card, such as for fuel or meals.  Otherwise, we are happy to reimburse and will do so in a timely fashion once a month per family. We reimburse once per month to limit the number of checks we write to families and to avoid duplicate or missed requests.

We appreciate the opportunity to assist your family during this difficult time.  If you are not a registered Hugs of Hope family, you can find our application here.