Trinity, high risk leukemia


Trinity is a precious preschooler diagnosed with high risk leukemia.  Her protocol is 2.5 years of high dose chemotherapy to keep her in remission.  She loves to swim and be with her friends and family, which can often be limited due to risks of infection.


Erika H, leukemia, age 10


Erika was recently diagnosed with leukemia, but is no stranger to challenges, as she also has Down Syndrome.  This has not stopped her from continuing to do all the things girls her age love to do like swim, and attend Girl Scouts!


Andrew and Aaron, brothers battling craniopharangiomas at the same time


Andrew and Aaron did everything together, even battled brain cancer, literally.  In early 2017, both boys were treated in Jacksonville for craniopharangiomas, rare pineal gland tumors. Both boys are doing well and off treatment as of mid-year.



Chandler, glioblastoma secondary to neuroblastoma, 15


Chandler was diagnosed with neuroblastoma  when he was just 18 months old. He went into remission and did well for nearly 13 years. Recently he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was found to have a benign mass where his neuroblastoma was located when he was a toddler. He will be treated in Atlanta.  Chandler is from Moultrie.


Annabelle, leukemia with Down Syndrome, 18 months old

Annabelle is the sweetest little doll baby!  She is giggles and grins, sugar and snow, and she should not be fighting cancer, that’s for certain!  She was born with Down Syndrome, but that has not defined this supermodel, or slowed her down!  However, her cancer diagnosis has certainly affected her style by keeping her away from home and her big brother.  Keep her in your prayers and visit her at her Facebook page

Maddie, Leukemia, Age 12

Maddie was diagnosed with high risk leukemia in November 2016, the same cancer her sister was had battled 7 years earlier.


Her favorites

Maddie loves to swim, to play word games, and to eat chips with guacamole!

She loves to sing and play music on various instruments, draw and paint, and listen to stories read aloud.  She loves mysteries and music from nearly every genre.

She loves to kayak, shoot a rifle, and paint her nails. She reads her Bible, Nancy Drew, and Highlights magazines.

She loves her friends, her siblings, and her family.  She loves kisses from her parents, to be tucked in a night, and a gentle backrub.


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